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Hi all, I'll be starting university this year (top uk semi-target) and my goal is to apply for Insight Weeks in London in spring 2024. I have one strong work experience at a law firm and that's about it. Do I have to milk the work experience a bit more? Is there anything else I could add to improve my chances? I'll try to join some finance related societies at uni, but I doubt that I'll be given any significant role given I'll be a first year student. The predicted grade is of course made up. Any advice and criticism are welcome.


Your missing a period at the end of the third bulllet in the law firm section 

LMFAO at listing the 5-hour online course from JPM as an "internship" and work experience. I would throw your CV in the trash the second I noticed it. If anything, I would put it under additional information. 

You should also not list Excel, Powerpoint and Word as computer skills. Those are extremely basic skills and no one will be impressed that you know how to write a document in Word. On the contrary, you will be expected to have basic skills in Excel, PPT and Word.

If the JP Morgan thing wasn't an actual internship, don't pretend like it is one

It's not. It's a 5-hour free course on the internet that anyone can take. BofA, Citi, GS etc. also have similar courses for free on the same website. Every kid interested in IB have taken these courses and tries to make them sound as some kind of internship. IMO it's a great way to gain some insight into what the work in IB entails but you should not by any means try to list it as some kind of internship. The people interviewing will understand that a kid applying for spring weeks doesn't have internship experience from JPM...

Thanks for the reply. What advice would you give me when applying for spring weeks? Should I elaborate more on the law firm internship? What are the most common job experiences people have? I know that joining a finance society at the uni would be helpful, but I don't think I'll be able to get any notable role there as a fresher. Thanks in advance

Saying "Excel, PowerPoint, Word (Proficient)" makes me think you aren't proficient in excel or PowerPoint…

Also you've done it in two points but make sure to keep as many bullet points quantified with numbers.

Further to this I would recommend bulking out your football captain section (after you delete the JPM thing) - what skills are relevant and will cross over well??

Just a very quick piece of advise. There are some IA freemium software to rewrite your resume in a way it is more appreciated from the software the HRs use to screen CVs. One of this company (that I've used) it's resume worded. Voilà, that's it

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