Similar situation, but have struck out on several full time opportunities that I have been exploring ever since my original firm pushed back my start date by 6-12 months (unclear). Not sure if I want to stay with them, but given how my apps and interviews have been going, not sure if I have a choice. Either way, I don't want to bum around for a year.

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Some of it is market based- business is slow so they are definitely giving less offers.

But it is also on you as well. If 15% didn't get the offer (which I heard is a typical MBB office offer rate this summer), you should ask yourself why you were in the bottom 15%. I'm not talking down to you- this is a tough job and I was definitely in the bottom 15% of my intern class. Honestly there's a big chance it was the module/project you were put on. But it could be more than that. How was the feedback from your manager? Did you have any glaring issues? As much as consulting is a lot of luck, don't just use "the economy" as a cop-out.

Oh yea definitely, in my case I think it was a mix of both which is why I deliberately didn't say it was due solely to the market.

I had weekly performance check-ins where I was told to "just keep doing what I was doing" until the final (and most important) one, where I was told I was below expectations on the basis of deliverables taking too long. I wil admit, I was a tad frustrated by this as I wish any issues were brought up earlier so I'd have had had time to address- I took "keep doing what I was doing" at face value, so a big takeaway from this is to not just be satisfied with "good enough" and ask where I can improve even when receiving positive feedback. Always room to grow, obviously.

I'm also not sure if this is just consulting or this team, but I received almost none of my tasks during business hours and had nothing to do from 9-6, and then all the work would come in. I'd ask my assigned buddy if I had any work at 9:30 am every morning, and I'd almost ever have anything until about 6:30. Normally I just reread training files or if it was WFM random shit or whatever. Obviously I knew consulting had late hours, but I guess I was expecting that to be work that ran over, not starting most things after. Genuinely not sure if this is just standard. I was also economic consulting and none of the late stuff was due to clients; everyone else would just do their work during business hours, "pls fix by morning," repeat.

I think my biggest takeaways are just the importance of getting shit done ASAP, that "good enough" isn't good enough, really proactively ask about areas to improve even when receiving positive feedback, and general exposure to the workforce. I don't mean to sound as if I am deflecting blame by the above- I obviously do definitely have room to improve in my time management. I am, however, genuinely curious if my time allocation is standard- was slightly frustrating to be stuck near a laptop for 8 hours but with no work to do.

Yeah this is odd. If your manager said you were doing fine the whole time then dropped a bombshell on you at the end, that's a bad manager. With good manager, you shouldn't be surprised at all by your end-of-project review bc you've gotten honest feedback the whole time.

On the no work during 9-5 issue- could it be that your team doesn't trust you enough to take on the work? Often when someone doesn't have work, it's because they don't provide enough leverage so it's easier for the manager or someone else to do the work themselves (or the manage was bad or the project was unstructured).

Jesus Christ, that's so much assumption about someone's situation that you know nothing about. Costs 0 to be kind, no?

I think its fair, I'm sure theres many instances where people deflect the blame on circumstances out of their control and then lose a genuinely good oppertunity to learn. I think I was just pretty mid and thats not gonna cut it right now, good lesson about needing to do more than "good enough" in this field. But I also appreciate your emphasis on compassion right now- I'm lucky enough to already have powerdays for some other companies but there are definitely some people taking today's results hard.

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  • LEK Consulting 97.2%

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