How CRED partnered with Pepper Content to scale their product listings that drove app conversions

This case study delves into the collaborative journey of CRED, a prominent fintech and credit card bill payment platform, and Pepper Content, a leading content creation platform.


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Founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah, Cred has emerged as a leading credit card bill payment platform, offering a range of financial management tools and benefits to its extensive user base of 7.5 million members. The platform not only enables seamless bill payments but also provides users with curated product offerings and access to quick credit options. 

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For the past few years, the fintech industry has witnessed remarkable growth, including more people using fintech services, the number of fintech startups, and increased investments. Looking ahead, the global fintech market is poised to hit a staggering $9.24 trillion in revenue by the end of 2027.

India, in particular, has emerged as a leader in the fintech industry. With a market size of $50 billion in 2021, the Indian fintech industry is projected to reach an estimated $150 billion by 2025. A significant part of this surge can be due to the digital payments sector, which is anticipated to see a user base of around 5.48 billion by 2027. 

In this flourishing fintech landscape, CRED has emerged as a leader with their exclusive rewards and experiences from premium brands for timely bill settlements. This robust growth indicates a dynamic and thriving fintech landscape, both globally and within India's rapidly evolving market.

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Cred's members have exceptional credit scores, often surpassing 750 according to Experian. This entitles them to exclusive rewards and experiences from premium brands based on their timely credit card bill settlements.

CRED offers the CRED Store, an in-app e-commerce platform where members can explore products from renowned brands like Myntra, Diesel,, Olive Bar and Kitchen, and more. They also have access to enticing offers for domestic and international travel. The CRED Store has partnerships with over 1800 brands, including prestigious direct-to-consumer labels like Starbucks, Neeman's, and Bombay Trooper.

By partnering with Pepper Content, CRED aims to enhance its content creation capabilities. This collaboration will allow CRED to generate high-quality content efficiently, freeing up resources for innovation and strategic growth.

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Speaking on the importance of content, Rohan Ralli from the creative team at CRED adds, "Our app is a sort of super-app. It's more than just rewards and payments, and for this reason, the number of creatives required is very high."

  • Meeting the Demand for Diverse Content Types: As a multifaceted app with a wide array of offerings, CRED needed a versatile range of content types, including blogs, app content, and more. However, sourcing, hiring, and onboarding the right talent for such a diverse content pool proved to be a time-consuming and intricate process.

  • Catering to a Diverse and Extensive Audience: With a user base spanning both domestic and international audiences, CRED faced the challenge of linguistic barriers. It was necessary to create content that resonated with this diverse demographic, requiring a nuanced approach to language and cultural differences.

  • Ensuring Optimal Content Management: Before partnering with Pepper Content, CRED's in-house team was heavily involved in the content management process, particularly in quality checks. This time-consuming workflow left little room for focus on other critical tasks.

  • Necessity for Highly Optimized Product Listings: For a platform like CRED, where user engagement plays a crucial role in conversions, ensuring that product listings are not only abundant but also highly optimized was a significant challenge. 

  • Addressing Long-Term Growth Opportunities for In-House Writers: Recognizing the importance of sustaining long-term growth opportunities for their in-house writers, CRED's creative team sought a solution to enhance content creation capabilities without the need to expand their internal team continually. This required a strategic partnership with an organization that could consistently deliver quality content, thereby freeing up internal bandwidth for more specialized tasks.

Hari Krishna Quote Image 2.pngBy acknowledging and addressing these challenges, CRED took an active step towards optimizing its content creation process. This strategic move not only enriched the content creation experience but also positioned CRED for more streamlined and effective content management, ultimately enhancing the user experience and driving greater engagement.

The collaboration with Pepper Content proved to be a game-changer for CRED:

1. Leveraging Pepper Content's Extensive Creator Network

With a network of over 65,000 content creators, Pepper Content offered CRED a seamless solution to meet their ever-growing content needs. This extensive pool of vetted and highly qualified creators ensured a steady flow of high-quality content.

2. Strategic Content Planning and Implementation

CRED adopted a forward-looking approach by planning content requirements in structured sprints for 2-3 months. This proactive strategy allowed them to align content production with their evolving business needs and marketing objectives.

3. Agile Response to Surging Content Demands

After collaborating with Pepper Content, CRED gained the confidence to tackle instances of surging content demands effectively. They could swiftly respond to high-demand scenarios, a feat that would have been challenging to achieve with an in-house team alone.

The partnership with Pepper Content yielded significant outcomes, leaving a notable impact on CRED's content strategy and operational efficiency.

  • Accelerated Content Production: The strategic partnership with Pepper Content resulted in a 5x increase in content production speed for CRED. This surge in content creation efficiency empowered CRED to meet its content requirements with agility and precision.

  • Enhanced Confidence in Deliverables: CRED's confidence in the quality and timeliness of content deliverables soared, reaching an impressive 100%. This newfound assurance was a testament to the effectiveness of the partnership in meeting and exceeding content creation expectations.

  • Elevated Satisfaction Levels: The partnership with Pepper Content led to a 200% surge in satisfaction levels for CRED. 

By collaborating with Pepper Content, CRED not only resolved its content creation challenges but also achieved remarkable results in terms of accelerated content production, heightened confidence in deliverables, and elevated satisfaction levels.

This strategic partnership played a major role in driving CRED's content strategy, ultimately strengthening its foothold in the dynamic fintech market.

In the future, CRED is interested in exploring a deeper partnership where they collaborate with Pepper to improve content performance and explore other cutting-edge elements of the platform, such as the Peppertype AI writing tool, design services, and more.

Through their combined efforts, CRED and Pepper Content are poised to continue setting new benchmarks in the dynamic landscape of fintech and content creation. 

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