How HealthifyMe's collaboration with Pepper Content led to a 90% increase in app engagement within 6 months

This case study delves into the exceptional progress of HealthifyMe, a prominent player in the health and fitness industry, and how its partnership with Pepper Content resulted in an astounding 90% surge in the company's app engagement rate in less than 6 months. The study unveils the challenges HealthifyMe faced in enhancing user interaction and showcases how Pepper Content's tailored strategies and solutions played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable milestone. 


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The last six months have been pretty smooth in chalking out ideas and getting the presentations designed. It was easy to create a rhythm with Pepper Content. We are satisfied with the quality of delivery, every time.

Teresa George
Operations Team, Healthify Me

HealthifyMe, an Indian-based digital health and wellness enterprise, offers a comprehensive app encompassing features like calorie monitoring and expert guidance on nutrition and fitness. Accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, it seamlessly integrates with wearable technologies like activity trackers. The company was established in 2012 and was co-founded by Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian, and Sachin Shenoy.

Currently, individuals are increasingly prioritizing their health, turning to different fitness and wellness solutions. This cultural shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle has created a burgeoning demand for platforms like HealthifyMe. As people seek personalized guidance and expert advice on nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being, HealthifyMe stands at the forefront, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to individual needs.

According to research by Statista, the digital fitness and well-being market is poised for substantial growth, with projected revenue estimated to hit $83.25 billion in 2023. With an anticipated robust annual growth rate of 8.73%, the market is forecast to expand even further, reaching a volume of US$126.50 billion by 2028. This indicates a promising trajectory for the industry in the coming years.

This growth suggests that digital health companies like HealthifyMe are constantly innovating to help users achieve sustainable and long-lasting results. For instance, HealthifyMe has expanded its services to offer individualized nutrition, fitness coaching, and tailored diet plans over the years. 

The platform also hosts informative sessions led by certified coaches. Currently, users can access diverse fitness plans and connect with a
global network of over 2,000 nutritionists and coaches to pursue their wellness objectives. Furthermore, the HealthifyMe app provides users with daily bite-sized doses of expert advice on diet and fitness from its team of coaches and fitness experts.

Notably, Pepper Content has played a pivotal role in driving this growth. How? Let's get started!

In its pursuit of personalized wellness, HealthifyMe introduced personalized 1:1 consultations, allowing users to receive tailored guidance from certified experts in areas spanning exercise routines, nutrition, and dietary plans. Initially, users eagerly participated in these sessions, driven by a keen interest in gaining deeper insights from reputable coaches regarding nutrition, workouts, and dietary strategies. The format also facilitated a valuable Q&A session towards the end of each consultation, ensuring users received answers to their queries.

The Active User Percentage (AUP) emerged as a crucial metric for HealthifyMe, indicating the percentage of users logging into the app and engaging with the content.

However, the company witnessed a decline in the frequency of 1:1 consultations after the initial surge of interest. As a result, it called for innovative strategies to rekindle user engagement and the Active User Percentage in the coming days. 

To counter the dip in consultations, HealthifyMe organized a knowledge-sharing session with one of their coaches. Remarkably, this initiative attracted a substantial user base without relying heavily on marketing efforts or in-app notifications. 

This successful knowledge-sharing session created a fresh content model, signifying a positive turn in user engagement. 

While the new content model showed promise, it was not without its own set of challenges. Let's look at the critical challenges encountered by HealthifyMe and how they overcame them, thus turning their business around.

As HealthifyMe continued to pioneer innovative methods for user engagement, a fresh challenge emerged with the implementation of knowledge-sharing sessions. 

While coaches enthusiastically embraced this platform, the diverse content format became a pressing concern.

1. Variability in Content Quality 

Coaches introduced their own topics, leading to a lack of standardization. Some presentations were weighed down by excessive content on slides, lacking visual appeal, while others captivated users with rich imagery and embedded videos.

2. Plunge in Active User Percentage (AUP)

This content disparity began to take a toll on HealthifyMe's active user percentage (AUP), signaling the need for a cohesive approach.

3. Shortage of In-House Resources

While in-house content teams were an option, the limited size meant diverting crucial resources from other pressing tasks. This constraint led HealthifyMe to seek external expertise.

Recognizing the need for specialized support, HealthifyMe turned to Pepper Content for a tailored solution.

In the following stages of this collaboration, Pepper Content worked closely with HealthifyMe to streamline and standardize coach-generated content, revitalizing user engagement and solidifying HealthifyMe's position as a leader in personalized wellness solutions.

In less than six months, Pepper Content Helped HealthifyMe achieve:

  1. An uptick in its platform’s active user percentage from 75% to 90%

  2. 25% improved overall conversions with content marketing

  3. The delivery of 1,500 content pieces and the creation of a new content hub

Let's look at how they did it!

When faced with the dynamic challenge of unifying coach-driven content, HealthifyMe turned to Pepper Content for an innovative solution. Through collaborative efforts, Pepper standardized the presentation format for the company and optimized the ongoing process for seamless delivery.

HealthifyMe collaborated with Pepper Content to reimage its content strategy for the following reasons:

  • Adept at Converting Ideas to Designs: Pepper Content collaborated closely with HealthifyMe's Operations team, converting their concepts into meticulously crafted presentations.

  • Consistent Brand Representation: We are committed to creating unique, captivating presentations aligned with HealthifyMe's brand identity, ensuring a uniform visual language across all content.

  • Punctuality as a Priority: Timeliness was paramount. Pepper Content adhered strictly to delivery schedules, ensuring coaches received materials well in advance for thorough preparation.

Through our dedicated efforts, Pepper Content became the exclusive hub for HealthifyMe's presentation designs through our dedicated efforts, streamlining the process and providing a centralized resource for all content needs.

The last six months have been pretty smooth in chalking out ideas and designing the presentations. It was easy to create a rhythm with Pepper Content. We are satisfied with the quality of delivery, every time.

Teresa George, Operations Team

With this strategic collaboration, Pepper Content not only met HealthifyMe's immediate challenge but also established a foundation for continued excellence in content delivery. 

In a world where personal health and wellness are paramount, platforms like HealthifyMe, backed by innovative partnerships like the one with Pepper Content, are pivotal in empowering individuals to take proactive steps towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

The collaboration between these companies stands as a testament to the power of tailored solutions in achieving seamless brand representation and user engagement. 

By honing the consistency and quality of presentation delivery, HealthifyMe experienced a significant surge in its platform's active user percentage, skyrocketing from 75% to an impressive 90%. This remarkable transformation was driven by key factors, including steadfast content delivery and standardized presentation formats, ultimately elevating user engagement and value delivery.

Unwavering Commitment to Timeliness and Quality

Pepper Content's dedicated team worked closely with HealthifyMe, adhering to tight turnaround timelines while maintaining an unwavering commitment to deliverables' excellence. This seamless collaboration ensured that the presentation designs delivered over a span of 6 months consistently met and exceeded expectations.

Additionally, the team at HealthifyMe found immense satisfaction in the consistently high-quality presentation designs — proof of Pepper Content's commitment to excellence in every project.

Fostering a Cycle of Engagement

The impact of these engaging sessions went far beyond immediate user interaction. As users actively participated, an organic ripple effect ensued, encouraging coaches to organize more sessions. This positive feedback loop generated substantial benefits for HealthifyMe, further enhancing its standing in the digital wellness landscape.

The surge in active user percentage and the enthusiastic response to the presentation designs underscored the success of the HealthifyMe-Pepper Content collaboration. This flourishing partnership not only met immediate challenges but also laid a solid foundation for sustained growth and innovation in the future.

Through meticulous attention to detail, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a shared vision for user-centric content, Pepper Content and HealthifyMe have demonstrated the power of strategic collaboration in achieving tangible, transformative results.

This transformative journey highlights the power of content-driven engagement in the health and wellness sector, illustrating how a strategic approach can lead to substantial improvements in user participation and overall app performance.

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