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Pepper Content’s white paper writing services engage subject matter experts who can help you create a well-researched report that backs the product or service that your company has just taken to the market.


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Our expert writers come from a variety of industries and thus have specific knowledge to create white papers that provide credibility and authority.


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Tell us what you need in your white paper, and the platform will deliver content that suits your industry requirements with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white paper?
A white paper is an authoritative document that helps break down a complicated issue into simple ideas. White papers establish authority, provide solutions to complex problems, and help its readers make informed decisions.
How is a white paper written?
White paper writing involves creating an in-depth report that educates an audience about a given topic. Writing white papers requires extensive research, and an accurate presentation of facts and evidence, followed by a concluding opinion.
What do you need a white paper?
White papers are a great resource for marketers to educate an audience or promote a methodology. They fuel your sales team and prospects and help build credibility. Most often, people who download these whitepapers are part of your sales funnel.
How does Pepper Content craft a white paper?
We engage subject matter experts to write such technical documents. They start by understanding the topic and present the findings, hypotheses, and opinions in a structured, easy-to-understand manner. Finally, the editors make the white paper ready for publication.
What is the standard length of white papers?
The length of white papers should be a minimum of 6 to 8 pages. Anything less than that would mean there are not enough charts, illustrations, or references. The structure of white paper writing should be formal and exact.
Are white papers relevant today?
Authoritative and well-researched white papers are excellent for converting your potential clients into customers. So, yes, white papers remain very relevant.
Do white papers have other names?
Yes, white papers are known by some other names: technical papers, position papers, command papers, state papers, and authoritative reports, to mention a few.
How can I be assured of plagiarism-free content?
Pepper Content guarantees 100% original, plagiarism-free content. Our writers research the topic thoroughly before starting to write. Plus, our editors use certified plagiarism checkers at several stages before the final piece reaches you.
Does Pepper Content design & translate white papers?
Yes, Pepper Content can provide design and translation services for those who need them after the writing is over. We have native translators in over 45+ languages who help contextually translate the text. Moreover, its content platform is scalable and ensures smooth content operations.
Why should your brand or business choose white paper writing?
White paper writing aims to promote a certain version of a proposition as the best way to go or that a particular solution is right for a problem. When it is used for industrial purposes, white paper writing can be very useful. It can influence the decision-making of an individual and attract potential clients to your business. We create white papers with high accuracy levels to achieve this result.

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