Firms confirmed to be NOT HIRING for new grad c/o '24 FT positions

Thought I'd kick this thread off.

Here are the two I've heard, both directly from people who work with recruiting.


Unfortunately, EY-Parthenon will only be extending 2024 full-time offers to our current intern class this year, and will not be hiring anybody outside of the internship program from school campuses. As someone involved with recruiting, it is certainly a disappointing outcome, however the firm is confident we can fill our hiring needs for next year with our current interns.


Unfortunately, due to the success of our current Summer BA class, we will not be recruiting on campus for FT BA hires this fall. 

I'll continue to update the OP as more get confirmed.  

WOW this is news. I wasn't aware at all. Thanks so much for sharing. Wondering if this is for specific offices? Or is it sweeping? Current SA at one of these firms and they haven't given us details on returns nor have they given us this information.

Returns expected in a week or two. Last day was today. They've been very vague about things which I feel to be pretty unfair and discomforting under these circumstances

This is insane, my heart goes out to anyone trying to recruit rn

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No. In consulting there are far more full time spots than intern spots

Guys don't MS him he straight-up said he didn't know. You are right, interns make up most of the FT class for finance, but consulting (at least at the undergrad level) level is different. I'm incoming MBB and my class is only 30% returning interns. From what I understand, it used to be the case that consulting was more like banking in that interns made up most of the FT hires, but something must have changed along the way. Beats me.

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