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Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates

  1. We invest in our candidates. Land an in-person interview through one of our search processes and we will give you a free hour of mentorship through our Wall Street Mentor service to make sure you ace your interview.
  2. The largest online community focused on careers in finance. Leverage our massive network of over 550,000 members to hear about the large pool of open positions never advertised publicly on job boards.
  3. No recruiters on staff. All of our Talent Advocates and screeners are paid hourly so they don't have the incentive to push you into a position that isn't a great match.
  4. Actual finance professionals screen candidates. Don't leave your future in the hands of a recruiter that has limited industry knowledge. All applications that reach our final stage will be screened by actual finance professionals to make sure that there is someone with relevant industry experience to help make the critical decisions that impact your future.
  5. Transparency throughout the process. Once you've had a phone interview with us, we will inform you if you are moved onto the next stage (professional review) or if you are placed on hold or dropped out of the process. No more second-guessing where you stand.
$0. It is free to create an profile on The Talent Oasis. Get started - click here.
Yes. We have some of the most elite finance companies working with us looking for the best talent. If you create a profile and select "Casually looking" or "Not looking, but Open to Offers" as your search status, you will hear about positions with companies that may be a big step up (promotion or reputation wise). If you don't take 2 minutes to create a profile, then it's much harder to find and match you.
Your employer and all members are automatically blocked from seeing your profile. Every hiring manager must indicate what firm they work at before being sent any candidates. So if you select Company X as your current employer on your profile, when someone from Company X is searching the pool of candidates, you will not show up. If you don't want to hear from us about open positions that match your profile, feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

  1. Actual finance professionals screen candidates. We are the only search agency that uses relevant professionals from elite firms to deliver a better match. Don't get stuck with a handful of mediocre candidates by trying to fill your roles using traditional recruiters with limited industry knowledge. All applicants that reach our final stage will be screened by a professional from our 300+ Mentor Network to make sure that we only send the absolute best matches.
  2. The largest online community focused on careers in finance. Leverage our massive network of over 550,000 members and millions of data points to help get the word out and find the perfect match for your open positions.
  3. No recruiters chasing commissions. All of our finance professionals and Talent Advocates are paid hourly so they don't have the incentive to push a candidate to you that isn't a great match
  4. Transparency throughout the process. After our onboarding call, we will be in touch at least once every two weeks until the role is filled to keep you informed on our detailed search statistics. Details on our promotion strategy, applicant numbers, initial screens, professional screens and more. You can expect your account manager to update you throughout the search so that you know exactly when top candidates will be sent.
  5. Measure True Intent. Our organized and structured process is designed to measure true intent of the candidates based on industry, position and location so that we can make sure we are delivering candidates that have a high likelihood of acceptance once an offer is extended.
  6. Use our industry data. Working with The Talent Oasis gives you 100% free access to the WSO Company Database, the WSO Industry Reports ($3,495 value) and thousands of compensation submissions each year to help make sure your offers are competitive.
  7. 50% cost of traditional search firms. Why pay 2x more to access a smaller pool of candidates? We use actual finance professionals in our advanced screening process to help us deliver pinpoint matches from our massive network ...for 50% less. Give us a try and your first placement is even less.
When you hire The Talent Oasis to help find top finance professionals, our first step will be to understand the needs of the role and take a deep dive into what makes someone successful at your firm in the specific role you are trying to fill. From there, we will start a massive sourcing campaign through a variety of channels including our Applicant Tracking System that has data on over 300,000 candidates, the WSO Job Newsletter with over 140,000 subscribers, our city-specific events as well as WSO private messages to targeted candidates in the community.
With over 50,000 submissions to the WSO Company Database and over 550,000 members, Wall Street Oasis has unique insight and data into the candidates that have been interviewed, those that have been offered positions and those that have been rejected across thousands of financial firms. All of the data from these submissions and industry history get processed through our proprietary matching algorithm for the specific industry, roles and skills you identify as most important for the job you are trying to fill.

Using the data to inform our process, we take the top candidates from our sourcing initiative and invite the best matches for an interview to help measure true intent and learn more about their career goals. From there, the candidates are filtered one last time by an actual finance professional in a relevant position that has direct insight into what makes a successful hire in this role and industry. Finally, we pass on a select 2 - 7 candidates onto the hiring manager so that you can start your interview process with these top matches.
The Talent Oasis service costs significantly less than traditional search firms (approximately 50% less). We are able to deliver great candidate matches for less due to our massive network and innovative screening process using over 300 finance professionals already working with us through the WSO Mentor Network. To learn more, schedule a call with us here.
The Talent Oasis is a great match for any firm targeting elite finance talent. From roles straight out of top undergraduate programs to more senior mandates, we have an especially deep pool of talent in the following industries with tens of thousands of professionals in each sub-industry:
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Hedge Funds
  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Equity/Credit Research
  • Corporate Development
  • Sales & Trading
  • Proprietary Trading
  • Management Consulting
  • Real Estate Finance
To learn more, schedule a call with us here.
Before we decide to help fill your position and you decide to use The Talent Oasis, we always require a short 10-15 minute call: Schedule Call Here. Assuming both parties agree to move forward the steps of the process are below. Statistics and transparency at each stage is shared openly. We'll make sure that the hiring manager knows how many candidates have made it through each stage and where we are in the process of our search.
  1. Sign Contract - Simple online form to make it official
  2. Onboarding Call - 30-minute call to get a better understanding of your firm, the role you are trying to fill and the ideal candidate profiles
  3. Sourcing & Promotion - Targeted outreach using our massive database to source candidates with ideal profiles
  4. Initial Screening - Filtering down applications to the top 20-50 candidates to be screened with a call
  5. Additional Professional Screening - Top 5-15 candidates to be screened by a relevant industry professional
  6. Top Candidates Sent To Hiring Manager - Top 2-7 candidates sent to hiring manager
  7. Live Inteview On Site - Extend 1-2 offers to the best applicants
  8. Feedback from Hiring Manager - Hire one of the top candidates and/or give us feedback on modifications if needed
  9. Get Back to Your Actual Job - Stop playing recruiter and get back to your job with your new found talent to make your life easier
To learn more, schedule a call with us here.